The Pooch Plunge on Saturday, Sept. 9, was loud, wet and a whole lot of fun for the furry friends and some of the not-so-furry friends.

“This is such a doggone great time! We are here every year with our two dogs. This is such a great way to exercise them and visit with adoptable dogs. Every public pool should do this whenever possible,” Rio Rancho resident Amy Clithero said.

Every year dogs of all kinds congregate at Haynes pool to close out the swimming season. They are allowed to run wild in the enclosed pool space and chase after toys in the pool.

Mayor Gregg Hull could also be seen roaming around with his two dogs. One of his dogs is on the mend from broken legs.

While people waited for the line to move forward, a few food trucks and adoption agencies encompassed the park around the pool. Owners could grab some treats for their canine company and a treat for themselves.

Some dogs were on the mellow side and just waded in rather than leaping though. Humans, on the other hand, were stuck in the shallows tossing a ball or two for their version of man’s best friend. They didn’t seem to mind.

The plunge attracted some guests from Albuquerque as well.

“I saw it online, and I love any event I can take my dog out to get her out,” newcomer Wendy Graves said.

Her dog, Savannah, remembered the same ball every time she went to fetch it because it was labeled with her day care’s name.

While Graves lives in Albuquerque now, she says she wants to move to Rio Rancho as it has more community events and seems to be more friendly.

The day started with a long line of anxious pets and their owners. It ended with both exhausted from the splashing around.