Sandoval County Commissioner Dave Heil has set aside money as an incentive for residents to help clean illegal dumpsites in the county.

Residents interested in helping pick up trash in a particular spot will need to fill out a clean-up location sign-up form to be approved.

A photo of each selected site will appear at on the front page under the section “Preserve Sandoval County’s Beauty.”

After participants pick a site, they’ll receive $100 per truckload of trash they take to the Sandoval County Landfill, where it will be verified. They won’t be charged a landfill fee.

The county website has 25 selected dumpsites to choose from, with photos of the trash that needs to be removed. All sites will be monitored by Sandoval County to ensure progress is being made.

“I wanted to create a program that promotes cleaning up the many illegal dumpsites we have in Sandoval County,” Heil said. “I believe with this financial incentive in place, we can make a huge dent in what has become an eyesore in what should be a natural setting of beauty.”