Fundaxi CEO Hass Aslami celebrated the opening of Rio Rancho headquarters for his organization with a ribbon-cutting event Wednesday afternoon.

Aslami was joined by several staff members, representatives from the Rio Rancho Regional Chamber, Sandoval County Commissioner Michael Meek and Rio Rancho Mayor Gregg Hull as he officially unveiled the new office inside Pizza 9 headquarters at 4140 Jackie Road. Aslami is also the CEO of the Pizza 9 Hospitality Group, which includes Pizza 9, Chello Grill and Revel Burger.

Fundaxi is an organization that brings people together to help them reach their fundraising goals. Fundaxi markets and advertises “business angel” services to the Fundaxi user base to create first-time customers. The Business Angels are philanthropical business owners who acquire new sales through the Fundaxi platform. After acquiring a new sale, they donate a percentage or minimum amount of that sale to a fundraising organization of the customer’s choice.

“It’s so great to be in Rio Rancho,” Aslami said. “That’s what’s really exciting about this whole program, and hopefully we’re all over the country soon. So we are excited about it.”

Hull was also excited to see Fundaxi set up shop in the City of Vision.

“This is this is a big day, not only for Hass and all the companies that he represents bringing those corporate entities up here to Rio Rancho, what an incredible move. But it’s also an incredible thing for the city, an incredible day for the city of Rio Rancho,” Hull said. “I know you’ve been a partner with us on many occasions with many different businesses, Pizza 9, a well-known brand that is now in Rio Rancho. Thank you for bringing that out here. Fundaxi, that is a very well-known brand that is now in Rio Rancho. Revel is now in Rio Rancho and Chello Grill, while that is not here yet, we’re expecting the corporate offices here which is fantastic because it’s a job base, once again, moving into Rio Rancho. We know that you’re well known in the area where you’re well established in the Rio Rancho-Albuquerque metro area. And you’re also well known for the ways that you have interacted with the communities in a very philanthropic way. You’ve supported the community while the community supported you. We’ve always seen you give back and that’s just been incredible. And those are the type of partners that absolutely make a community a community.”

Meek shared similar sentiment, welcoming Fundaxi to “the good side of the town” before presenting Aslami with a plaque.

President and chief executive officer of the Rio Rancho Regional Chamber of Commerce Jerry Schalow first told Aslami that ‘we need a Chello Grill in Rio Rancho” before praising him for his work in the community. Pizza 9 has held several fundraisers for the families of fallen officers, donating 100% of a day’s profit to the families.“We are so excited to have you all here as a part of the great city of Rio Rancho and Sandoval County because of the great things that you all do as a company,” Schalow said. “My gosh you know, I can recall when we had our fallen officer here in Rio Rancho, Pizza 9 is out there raising funds for the family. You guys do that consistently; we have a tragedy that happens and you guys are one of the very first alliances that say we’re here to help. So having a company like yours out here and having you and all of your team, it’s really quite a coup for Rio Rancho and Sandoval County to have you guys here.”