Jason Seel JMS VOIP Telephone Company owner.

Shifting with the times is how JMS VOIP Telephone Company owner Jason Seel said he ended up in the commercial telephone business and in Rio Rancho.

Originally from Minnesota, he said he used to sell internet and phone services along with his computer business, JMS Computer and Telecom.

“In 2017, the higher-ups fired everybody from all of these phone companies that were running under the CenturyLink umbrella.” Seel said. “So eventually I looked into this company, Talking Platforms, and they asked me to run the front end of their business and they would run the back end with all the servers and infrastructure.”

Seel said Talking Platforms had been in business for 10 years and was debt-free, which impressed him.

“They had a main data center in the Under Armour facility in Baltimore and a backup data center in Colorado,” he said. “They told me I could sell this communication product anywhere in the world for long-distance and international calling, so I got involved.”

Seel said he did the training, became a partner and started JMS VOIP in Minnesota.

“Soon after that, I moved because I sold my house and ended up here in Rio Rancho,” he said. “Here we are 16 months later, and I’ve got 40 companies on our phone service, with an average of one new one a week.”

Seel said he does other services that range from low voltage installations and security cameras to audio systems and TV set-ups.

“All of this is mainly commercial,” he said. “I will work with any size business from one man to 500.”

Seel said a lot of companies treat small businesses badly by overcharging them and putting them in long–term contracts.

“We don’t do any of that…there’s no contracts, I don’t believe in them,” he said. “I think that our service speaks for itself.”

Seel said he is the only local phone company with multiple five-star reviews on Google business.

“I pretty much feel that copper will be gone soon and everything will be on fiber (optics), so it will be internet-based,” he said.

Seel said he is the only employee at his company, but his provider has customer service and technical support people who help with his customers’ needs.

“We believe in customer service as a team,” he said. “That’s why I have such good ratings: because we all work to help the customer and put them and their issue first.”

Seel said his goal is to grow his business, yet he knows growing it organically will take time.

For more information on JMS VOIP Technology, call 445-0595 or go to jmsvoip.com.