Teresa Goodwin receives her second treatment of laser hair removal from Bosque Health and Wellness owner Eric Evans. Goodwin said she hasn’t had to shave since her first treatment.
Photo Amy Byres / Observer

A health and wellness spa aims to become a one-stop shop for Rio Rancho residents’ health needs.

Nurse Practitioner Eric Evans opened Bosque Health and Wellness in July.

“It has always been my dream to own my own business and work hard for myself,” he said.

The nurse of 13 years has worked in the emergency room and on the set of “Breaking Bad,” he said. Evans used to work at Ideal Image and has run two clinics in Las Vegas, Nev.

Evans is able to treat people for a fraction of the prices he sees elsewhere. He does not accept insurance for any of his services, Evans said.

Laser hair reduction is the spa’s most popular service, he said.

Bosque Health and Wellness is for everyone; he can help athletes reach their fitness goals or help the everyday middle-aged man feel like his best self.

“Health and wellness is our main focus and goal for our patients,” Evans said.

The facility has a range of treatments to make anyone feel and look their best, he said.

Eric Evans
Photo Amy Byres / Observer

Services include:

  • Radio-frequency micro-need-ling, an anti-aging treatment;
  • Laser hair reduction;
  • Laser skin resurfacing and tightening;
  • Hormone therapy;
  • Injectables, such as Botox and fillers;
  • IV hydration therapy;
  • Weight loss therapy; and
  • Primary care with same-day walk-in care for minor illnesses.

Evans has a passion for hormone therapy.

“Say you go to your normal doctor and you have been feeling tired lately and a little run down, and you feel your brain is not focused,” he said. “You are feeling a little bit of fog in your brain itself, joint pain, low libido and signs of low testosterone, low hormones in general.”

Doctors consider a normal range of testosterone to be anywhere from 50 micrograms to 1,000 micrograms.

“If you fall in that range and you are just tired and feel like crap and you’re not feeling great at all, and you pull up at 80 (micrograms), your primary care doctor still says you are normal,” he said.

Evans will use the testosterone level from the labs to understand where someone is starting off, and treat from there.

“We like to optimize those hormones, optimize them to the top of the level to where you feel better. So I want to go off of how you feel versus the numbers,” he said.

Injectables, such as Botox and fillers used at Bosque Health and Wellness located at 1400 Jackie Road, Suite 105. Photo Amy Byres / Observer

There are misconceptions when people think of hormone therapy, he said, pointing out that ‘roid rage is a common misconception. This is something that comes from abusing hormone therapy and that is something he does not do,” he said.

When using a hormone, like testosterone, “Women think that they are going to grow hair or these big muscles or look masculine; it doesn’t happen. We use (hormone therapy) appropriately. We do not abuse the hormones themselves,” he said.

When a customer visits his place, Evans wants people to feel like their time is worth something.

“You are a customer, but you are our guest. So we want you to feel comfortable coming in here and feel like it is a nice place, and a nice safe place to be here and to enjoy being here with the products we have for relief,” Evans said. “We want you to be happy with who you are.”

For more information, visit Bosque Health and Wellness (1400 Jackie Road, Suite 105) or call 349-0839.