BERNALILLO — The rumors were swirling around the City of Vision when Cleveland High boys’ basketball coach Sean Jimenez announced in April to the media, first via Twitter, that he was resigning his post with the Storm after seven seasons.

“Embezzlement” was the word used the most, with varying amounts added. Jimenez told everyone he was resigning to spend more time with his family.

The rumors became fact when charges were filed.

According to the criminal complaint filed by Officer Tyler Argo of the Rio Rancho Police Department, Jimenez initially came to the attention of  Rio Rancho Public Schools Human Resources Investigations Manager Richard Misbach, who told RRPD that Jimenez had attended a coaches clinic in Dallas, but upon his return, Misbach “noticed suspicious charges made by (Jimenez),” which prompted him to begin an investigation.

Misbach determined that money provided to Jimenez to attend the clinic “was used by Sean to attend a concert with his daughters.”

Later, in a recorded interview, Jimenez “admitted to using the school-issued credit card to pay for food, hotel and rental car for him and his daughters to ultimately attend an I Heart Radio concert. Sean stated the trip was not basketball related and the main purpose of travel was to attend the music concert.”

An RRPS administrator, who asked to remain anonymous, said Jimenez repaid the money he had misappropriated.

He is scheduled to be arraigned before Judge Delilah Montaño-Baca at 1 p.m. July 24.

Conviction on a fourth-degree felony can result in as many as 18 months in prison and a fine of up to $5,000.

Shortly after Jimenez resigned, former Santa Fe High boys’ basketball coach Zack Cole was named as his successor.

Jimenez had considerable success in his time on the Storm sideline, taking CHS to Class 5A state championship games in 2018 and ’21, with the Storm winning the 2021 title contest in The Pit. Before getting the head job at CHS, Jimenez had been an assistant baseball coach at Rio Rancho High School; he also coached boys’ basketball at his alma mater, Rio Grande, where he graduated in 1996.