Everything in this park right now is 100 percent free — Moose, president of the Rio Grande Chapter of Guardians of the Children.



Everything for the kids was the theme of the event put on by the Guardians of the Children Rio Grande Chapter Saturday at Haynes Community Park in Rio Rancho.

All free — including bicycles, scooters, food and drink. Also free, getting to pose with Star Trek characters, from Princess Leia, to some stormtroopers. Vendors were sprinkled throughout Haynes Community Park – all for a good cause, to fight against child abuse.

“We don’t do it to raise money. In fact, every dollar raised here goes back to what you have seen. You look over there and you see the 200 bicycles that we are giving away. You see 3,000 hot dogs, 3,000 waters, 3,000 bags of chips. Everything in this park right now is 100 percent free,” said Moose, president of the local chapter.

He’s the big guy in the slide show.

The Guardians of Children started the project in San Antonio in 2006.

“Nine years ago our local chapter decided it wanted to do it here and educate the public about child abuse, how to combat that and here we are today,” he said.