When picking out a particular set of flowers for Mom, some view tulips as a tried and true option to make Mother’s Day special.

Rio Rancho floral shop Flowers & Things certainly believes so, for a number of reasons.

One, the scent emanating from tulips isn’t overwhelming, said owner Shawna Romero. Two, they’ll continue to grow after they’re cut and placed into a vase. And three, they’ll last a bit longer as long as they’re well kept.

“Everybody loves tulips. It’s not going to be like lilies, where people can’t stand the scent of them. (Tulips) come in a variety of colors, and they’re beautiful,” Romero said. “You see a lot of the tulip arrangements sometimes look a little crazy and wild. It’s because if you don’t re-cut them, they’ll just keep growing out of the design.”

Flowers & Things, at 1000 Golf Course Road, Unit 103, just finished up prom season and dove right into ensuring there are nice, lively choices for moms.

“It’s definitely like shoving two to three months worth of work into maybe a week,” Romero said. “A lot of customers trust us to put something together for them… but a lot of people also have very specific tastes… We do have a lot of flowers, so we can accommodate a lot of that, too.”

Tulips just happen to be front of mind this time of year.

Flowers & Things owner Shawna Romero recommends tulips when picking out flowers for Mother’s Day. (Matt Hollinshead/Observer)