The National Weather Service announced Monday afternoon that it does not expect the Jemez River to rise above its normal flow of 6.5 feet.

Record snowfall this winter and warmer temperatures last week combined to cause flooding of the Jemez River this weekend.

The Sandoval County Commission issued an emergency/disaster declaration in the Jemez Corridor as a result of severe flooding Thursday. Friday, Sandoval County government officials warned travelers to be careful in the Jemez Valley as a flood warning from the National Weather Service was in effect. Saturday, the Sandoval County Office of Emergency Management reported that cooler weather is assisting Jemez Corridor conditions.

As of Monday morning though, flooding is and will continue until approximately 20-30 inches of snow melt dissipates. The NWS extended the flood warning as warm temperatures continue to cause rapid melting of snowpack, causing increased river flows.

Late Monday afternoon the Sandoval County Office of Emergency Management reported that it is closing its operation center in the Jemez Corridor. While snow melt influenced by the warmer temperatures exists, conditions appear favorable for no flooding emergency.

While the river has receded, continued action is needed to assess, repair and remediate situations and damage caused by last week’s flooding.

Currently, these efforts are still ongoing:

  • The detour at the Hidden Valley Road bridge in La Cueva is still in place.
  • Repairs are being made to damaged wastewater treatment plant pipes at the village of Jemez Springs.
  • Residents in the village of Jemez Springs can continue to use their bathroom facilities, and water conservation is encouraged to reduce the amount of water going to the plant.
  • Sandoval County Public Works reminds travelers that the shoulders along Highway 4 are closed while repairs are being made; please be mindful of personnel and vehicles involved with this remediation on the roadway.

The U.S. Forest Service reports that:

  • Soda Dam in the village of Jemez on Highway 4 is closed.
  • Campgrounds and fishing accesses remain closed along Highway 4 through to Battleship Rock near La Cueva with an anticipated reopening in May.
  • U.S. Forest Service Road 376 remains closed until further notice.
  • Sandbags are still available for pickup at fire stations along Highway 4 at San Ysidro, Jemez Springs, and the community of La Cueva.
  • While businesses remain open, residents and visitors are encouraged to be safe and mindful of current roadway and low-lying area conditions as they go about their day. Be advised that there is no parking along Highway 4 from U.S. 550 to NM 34.