The Emergency Medical Services team at Sandoval County Fire and Rescue recently gave CPR classes to county staff.

According to the American Heart Association, CPR can double or triple the chances of survival after cardiac arrest.

The EMS team knows that firsthand and sent Lt. Shannon Farrell to lead the classes and explain that seconds count during a medical emergency.

“Knowing how to properly perform this emergency, lifesaving procedure when the heart stops beating saves lives and changes lives,” Farrell said.

Members of the Senior Services Division of the Community Services Department participated in the day-long training session. In that training, county staff learned the basics of identifying and recognizing medical emergencies and how to perform CPR.

“The first step is always to call 911,” Farrell said, “Then you do what you can until EMS arrives. This course works to increase knowledge, build confidence and teach skills to our staff so that they can better assist an individual in medical distress until the paramedics are on scene.”