These are just a handful of the approximately 2,500 small-batch products on the shelf at Fancies, a new cafe and market in Corrales. Longtime Corrales resident and Fancies co-owner Erin Williams said the store is a reflection of herself.

“Someone told me, ‘Erin, just bring in what you would like to buy.’ So if you want to know anything about me, this is pretty much it,” she said, gesturing around the shop at 4940 Corrales.

The store is brimming with goods from around the world.

Charcuterie boards available for grab-and-go at Fancies in Corrales.

“As long as I can remember, I have dreamed of having a shop,” Williams said. “And I’ve always been a foodie … one of those things that I would love to do when I traveled would be to go to different local specialty food stores.”

Williams is partnering with pastry chef Paola Savastano, who will stock the display case with homemade croissants, pie, flan and more. Savastano, originally from Paraguay, said she’s mixing South American flavors like guava and dulce de leche with Italian classics. She’s been cooking since she was nine years old — cheesecake is her specialty.

“We’re working on a menu that we can change every week,” Savastano said.

Bosque roast beef sandwiches available for grab-and-go at Fancies in Corrales. (Chancey Bush/Journal)

The store also sells grab-and-go items like paninis and charcuterie boxes — inspired by Williams’ own drive through Corrales.

“I hit the middle of Corrales … about halfway in, I kind of go, ‘OK, what am I gonna do for dinner?’” William said. “…Wouldn’t it be cool if I could just swing in somewhere, and grab a couple of things and go heat them up — and it would be really good food?”

The cafe and market’s opening day is Feb. 9. Fancies is open Tuesday through Saturday 8 a.m. to 6 p.m.