Rio Rancho High School Principal Millan Baca sent a letter to parents Wednesday night to address an incident at the school earlier in the day.

“Today, during lunch, a group of students got into a fight in the cafeteria. Other students jumped in, further instigating the situation,” Baca wrote. “Some food service employees were present and unable to respond as contractors. One administrator, one teacher and six security officers responded, working to keep other students away from the situation and breaking up the fight. All students involved in the fight have and will be appropriately disciplined.

“That said, we were extremely disappointed by the behavior of a small minority of our students. Some students jumped up and gathered around to watch, to film and further provoke the situation. Their actions prevented security from intervening as quickly as possible. This behavior will not be tolerated,” the letter continued.

Baca did not mention the gender of those involved in the fight but a video on Snapchat shows a male student punching a female student in the face during the fight. Two RRHS students told the Observer a girl was hit in the face by a boy.

“We will be speaking with the students in relation to their behavior and ask for your help in addressing the important issue of student safety and respect. In addition, we are in the process of reviewing the video from the cafeteria. Students identified as participating in any form of instigation will be appropriately disciplined,” Baca wrote. “We take this incident very seriously. For Rio Rancho High School to remain a safe place for children, we must all work together — parents, staff, and community members—to provide the quality environment that our children deserve.”