Mississippi is not the only state where the Peckerwood tree grows. Yankees can get pretty full of themselves over their “enlightened” attitudes.

Having a little trouble explaining how Officer Derek Chauvin found police work in one of the more liberal states in America?

The fact is that all people — North and South, black, white, brown, red, yellow and pastel — are born with instincts of xenophobia: Fear of the different.

In the Stone Age, this was a survival trait. So was the urge to grab any object you wanted, and in men, the urge to mate with any attractive woman available.

We are civilized people to the extent we control these instincts for the good of society. The instincts are still there.

Civilized people stifle them, and then weaken them with self-education. Officer Chauvin obviously cannot be counted among the civilized.

On behalf of my race, human, I extend my condolences to Mr. Floyd’s family.

Ken McDaniel

Rio Rancho