Rio Rancho Fire Rescue Department is entering a national program to reduce the occurrences of common emergencies in the city.
Fire inspector Lt. Jessica Duron-Martinez said the National Fire Protection Association chose RRFR as one of 250 departments around the nation to participate in a new digital risk-reduction program. The program aims to minimize fire deaths, property loss and injuries, she said.
NFPA will look at each community to identify the most common types of calls the fire department receives and why those situations frequently arise. Then, she said, the association will work with the department to find ways to prevent those emergencies.
The participating fire departments expect to also share ideas and successful practices among themselves. Duron-Martinez hopes members of the public in Rio Rancho will become involved.
“Everybody has a part to play in the community being safe,” she said. “I think we do pretty well out here.”
Interested community members can watch for announcements from the city and fire department in coming weeks. Places to watch include the city website,; the RRFR Facebook page,; and the Observer.