As a young resident in Albuquerque, I’m really concerned about the NM Gas Company’s proposed Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) plant. The proposed facility would be within 4 miles of

Volcano Vista High School where my siblings graduated and very close to the neighborhood where I grew up. There would be numerous safety risks, health concerns, and financial costs placed on New Mexicans as a result of the $180 million proposed facility which we don’t want or need. LNG facilities of this kind threaten public health and safety due to pollution from regular operations as well as the high probability of methane leaks and the release of highly flammable emissions that could result in methane-fueled explosions and fires whose chemical composition makes them extremely difficult to control. In a time of climate crisis, it is unthinkable to fund more fossil fuel infrastructure. As a young person, I urge our state regulators to deny this proposal and support proposals that invest in renewables, seriously address climate, and make our community more resilient instead.

Emily Lucas