A new New Mexico podcast called EthicsNOW just released it’s first eight episodes and part of it discusses the ethics behind voting.

“This podcast is supposed to help people understand their own thoughts and the effects those thoughts will have on others,” Executive Director of NM Ethics Watch and KUNM host Kathleen Sabo said.

Sabo is an ethics expert, She talked about the trust in the United States voting process. If there is any doubt or question, she said, research can always answer the question.

Executive Director of NM Ethics Watch and KUNM host Kathleen Sabo.(EthicsNow Podcast)

“People don’t trust the process anymore. There is a sort of pack mentality of people following what their party says,” she said.

She also addressed the distrust in voting machines and people wanting to return to paper ballots. That topic has risen as a public concern at many Sandoval County Commission meetings.

“There is no evidence that there is any tampering. It is a machine that tabulates the paper ballot. I would say that the ethics is not up to the machine, but the people at the polling stations,” she said.

Sabo also said that when people feel unsure about an amendment, they should research the issue.

“People are entitled to their vote, but to research your candidates and amendments is just being a good citizen,” Sabo said.

She referenced Ballotpedia, a website for voters to get information about the voting process, and the Secretary of State’s website for more detailed information.

The podcast was recorded in partnership with Albuquerque’s KUNM Public Radio, with the help of a grant from the New Mexico Humanities Council, and the support of the Davis Law Firm and New Mexico Ethics Watch.