After 17 years of producing an assortment of fabric items from her home-based establishment Enchanted Creations, Hertha Sabol decided that now’s the right time to let a trusted longtime friend carry on the legacy.

And that friend, Jennifer Richards, who will take charge alongside her husband John, is ready for the challenge, as the passing of the torch became official during a ribbon-cutting ceremony on Aug. 17 at the store’s new location, at 1594 Sara Road in Rio Rancho.

“She’s an honest person with a lot of integrity. I trust her with my business, what I’ve created and to carry it on. I would refer to her as my daughter,” said Sabol, who will turn 83 in January. “I’ve known Jennifer over 20 years. She’s the perfect person to pass it on to. I kind of think it’s my legacy, so it’s good… Time for me to take life a little easier, but I always keep busy doing something.”

Richards said the new location will be convenient for residents of Taylor Ranch in northwest Albuquerque, as well as those in Corrales. She said she plans to continue producing the Native American, Hawaiian and Asian-themed fabrics like ribbons and scarves, but wants to also add new quilts.

Enchanted Creations Fabrics & More held a ribbon-cutting ceremony on Aug. 17 for its new location under new leadership. Seen here, from left, are former longtime owner Hertha Sabol, new owners John and Jennifer Richards, and Rio Rancho Mayor Gregg Hull.
(Matt Hollinshead/Observer)

“(Hertha’s) got a great client base, so it’s been really good so far,” Richards said, adding the new location is near Sabol’s Rio Rancho home on 32nd Circle. “The customers don’t have to go far to find us.”

Richards said she and Sabol started serious discussions about the transition this past March, coming to a final decision in June to take over.

Timing-wise, she said she had to consider factors like the pandemic, and the improved outlook compared to last year aided in her decision.

Jennifer and John, who previously worked at the WalMart “down the hill” for a number of years, reside in Rio Rancho and were especially drawn to thought of also working in Rio Rancho, too.

“We need to continue to have a great fabric shop up here in Rio Rancho,” Sabol said. “I know she’ll do great, I know she will.”