Johnathan Shirah, with his son James on his hip, votes Tuesday during the Rio Rancho municipal election at Cielo Azul Elementary School/Garrison Wells photo

Johnathan Shirah didn’t want to make any predictions after he voted Tuesday in the Rio Rancho municipal election.

But, he said, “I think we can have hope.”

Shirah was among about five voters during mid-afternoon ballot-casting at Cielo Azul Elementary School — on his arm, his son James.

Shirah said he found it difficult to find information about the election.

“There’s not a lot about the Rio Rancho stuff,” he said. “Most of it is on social media. Rio Rancho just doesn’t pop up when we are so close to Albuquerque.”

Shirah said he saw information about the election on the Rio Rancho Police Department Facebook page, “and then we looked up all of the candidates yesterday and made sure to come out.”

Turnout for the Rio Rancho municipal election mid-afternoon was ‘normal,’ said Presiding Judge John Metz.

“Usually the local elections are kind-of slow,” he said. “It’s been normal for the City of Rio Rancho. Elections are important. Even the city elections are very, very important. It affects our lives in a lot of ways.”