Greggory D. Hull

I want to thank the citizens of Rio Rancho for their support and their confirmation that Rio Rancho is moving in the right direction.
At a time when trust in government, in general, has declined, trust in our municipal government has continued on an upward trajectory over the last five years (as reflected in the city’s biennial Citizen Survey). I believe our government’s integrity is built on our city’s commitment to transparency and effective communication efforts, and this was reflected during the 2022 election.
This election cycle was a victory for the people of Rio Rancho and reaffirmed their trust in our city’s forward momentum.
Our citizens overwhelmingly supported the critical initiatives on the ballot.
Roads are clearly the No. 1 priority for Rio Rancho citizens. The road bond was first approved by voters in 2016. We have asked for their re-approval every two years since, and each time they have answered with a resounding “yes.”
This year’s road bond passed with 76 percent approval and reflected our community’s commitment to rebuilding and replacing critical infrastructure. With this affirmation, the reconstruction of five roadways in need of significant repairs will begin within the next year.
Public safety has always been a priority for our citizens. In 2018, our citizens spoke loud and clear with the initial approval of the public safety bond. With the 72 percent approval of this year’s public safety bond, our community’s commitment to maintaining high levels of public safety continues to reverberate through our city.
This crucial funding for our Police and Fire & Rescue departments will provide our personnel with the equipment they need to respond to city-wide emergencies.
Our quality-of-life facilities like our parks, community centers and libraries are community elements that our citizens proudly utilize daily.
The quality-of-life facilities bond passed with 67 percent voter approval, and this year was the first time this type of initiative has appeared on a Rio Rancho municipal election ballot.
Our citizens believe it is a priority to ensure Rio Rancho has top-notch quality-of-life facilities for all of our families to enjoy.
Optimistic future planning is just as important to our staff as it is to our citizens. It can be challenging to think 10-20 years into the future, and even more challenging to plan for obstacles or development that could potentially arise.
However, our city staff are typically tasked with formulating plans for future growth and development. This is why voters were asked to provide their say-so in the establishment of a permanent fund.
With 62 percent approval, our citizens have declared that saving for our future is vital to our community’s growth.
I could not be more grateful to be on this journey with you, and with your support and clear directives, I look forward to showing you our progress.

(Mayor Gregg Hull was elected to his third term March 1.)