Regarding the rants by both relating to House Bill 7, the oldest references to transgender people in history are from Sumerian and Arcadian texts from 4,500 years ago. Historical information about trans people is not rare, it’s not a secret; that knowledge is freely available for anyone that is educated, or wishes to be. On that same point, gender is a social concept and construct; sex is not. Pity neither of them seem to be able to discern the difference, based on their conflation of the two. No one is “grooming” kids. That’s a far-right alarmist term used to strike fear in credulous pillock voters that are easily swayed by misinformation.

House Bill 7 is to stop discrimination, it is *not* to encourage kids to start taking hormone blockers nor to “mutilate” their bodies. Does their aversion to stopping discriminatory acts mean they support discrimination? Both of their comments are an insult to anyone with a basic education. Jay Block’s political rants at these meetings are pedestrian, not appropriate for county commission meetings, he should just get a blog. I get he’s trying to get recognition to further his political career, where he can spend the next several decades living off taxpayers, just as he’s done so far. Spare me any talk about his military “service;” he did not “serve” me, nor my America. These two are an embarrassment to our city, county, state and to logic and common sense.

Bruce Hutchinson

Rio Rancho