I am writing to comment on your selection of cartoons published on the Viewpoints page of the Observer on June 23 and June 30, 2019. Both cartoons were from the same source, H. Payne of the Detroit News.

The first cartoon depicts Joe Biden between Karl Marx and Fidel Castro, apparently as co-equal threats to our way of life, due to Biden’s alleged intent to “Destroy the Coal Industry.” Biden is scorned as the “Democratic moderate.”

The second cartoon depicts Elizabeth Warren with a feather protruding from her hair (feeding the “Pocahontas” slur often repeated by Donald Trump). Her caricature is shown as promoting “free beer” for everyone.

This cartoon has no basis in fact and only serves to obscure real dialogue and debate in a fog of ridicule, prejudice and misinformation.

You seem to have lost your feel for your readership. We look to the Observer to inform and promote discussion and dialogue in our community.

If you persist in publishing this biased one-sided drivel, we will discontinue our support for your publication. Thanks for your consideration.

Joseph Dray

Rio Rancho