A day after a reported school shooting threat written on a wall inside a boys bathroom, Eagle Ridge Middle School dealt with another scare. 

On the wall of an unidentified student restroom was a written bomb threat. Local law enforcement was notified and the Rio Rancho Public Schools Safety and Security investigated. 

“We do not have any evidence that the threat is credible,” Eagle Ridge Middle School Principal Catherine Rodriguez said in a statement. “As you know, this is the second school threat we have received this week. Both were messages written anonymously on restroom walls or fixtures. While we will always take any threat seriously and act accordingly, we want to ask for your assistance in letting your children know that pranks and threats are not acceptable and can carry severe consequences.” 

The school is continuing to review camera footage, conduct interviews and complete its investigation. 

On Wednesday, Rodriguez said that someone wrote a message on a boys bathroom wall threatening a school shooting.

Whoever is found to be responsible for Wednesday and Thursday’s incidents will face disciplinary action. This could include a 10-day suspension pending a hearing for long-term suspension for the rest of the school year, she said.  

“Threats of this nature create an environment where students and staff feel unsafe,” Rodriguez said. “They disrupt the school day and result in countless hours of work to determine their validity and secure the safety of students and staff.” 

While Rodriguez said that the threat is not believed to be credible the school and Rio Rancho Police Department conducted a practice evacuation drill with students and staff on Thursday afternoon.

The school also stated that it plans to place additional safety and security staff in the building.