Let’s see if anyone understands this “reasoning:” Slow Joe Biden is so incensed by 300 million Americans owning semi-automatic rifles that he is going to totally ignore the high-powered automatic weapons being ushered in through his open border by the drug cartels.

It occurs to a lot of Americans that even Biden, in his declined cognitive state, should be able to understand that border cartels and their automatic weapons are the truly reckless ones.

Biden brought those dangerous criminals onto our soil. He is the one who should be sued, sued , sued, if not impeached immediately. What an evil little man, attacking the Second Amendment rights of average law-abiding Americans while declaring open season on Americans by his heavily armed border drug cartels.

Just more typical Biden-Obama contempt for America and our constitutional liberties. And remember what Obama said about shooting sprees: Never let a good tragedy go to waste when you can use it. SAD. Sad and dangerous.

Mrs. Robyn Schmalz
Rio Rancho