Gobs of flavors and more being added. (Garrison Wells/Observer)

Business owners are an independent bunch.

They start a business. Buy a business. Start up a company.

For Elaine Diaz, co-owner of Diaz Landscaping Management RV & Marine Storage, lately its been a little of all three.

In the latest move in August, she and her husband — and business partner, James — bought The Chill  Zone. The price wasn’t disclosed.

“It was an opportunity that came up,” she said. “That was what I went to school for, starting up a business and having new adventures.”

“James and I,” she added, “always wanted to do something with restaurants.”

The Chill Zone, which is all about frozen yogurt, is at 4320 Ridgecrest Dr. SE in Rio Rancho.

There’s a wide variety of flavors, toppings and treats for all family members.

It’s been a busy few years for the Diaz family. They started their landscaping and construction company in 2009, then this past June added RV and marine storage.

“We’re campers,” Diaz said. “There was an open block around our building so we thought: ‘Why not?’”

The Chill Zone is adding more coffee flavors and more days in which customers can save.

Tuesdays, she said, are senior citizens’ day, Thursday will be a savings day for veterans and law enforcement or military – 10 percent off.

The store is also adding a granita machine, which is big in Arizona, she said. It’s similar to a slushy machine. Granita drinks are not made with dairy, which results in a less creamy and more watery drink.

“We’re going to do our best to bring in so many flavors,” she said.

Among them will be raspberry, strawberry and kiwi, and pina colada.

The store also will focus on fundraising with “spirit nights,” Diaz said.

For instance, MLK Jr. Elementary Spirit Night a portion of the proceeds go to the school. The store is already delivering to high schools for lunch with yogurt cups delivered to Rio Rancho High School and Cleveland High School.

“This place,” she said, “makes you smile.”