Henry Cardana, 86, of Rio Rancho, was arrested on April 5 for the willful and deliberate murder of Juneanne Fannell at a residence at the corner of Western Hills Drive and Utah Meadow Road.

Fannell was found with a gunshot wound to the head Wednesday afternoon, but that was not the first call for emergency services to the residence that day.

Sandoval County Police responded to a call from Cardana at 7:13 a.m. April 5, according to court documents.

Cardana reportedly told the dispatcher that he was “extremely frustrated and that he wanted to get someone out of his house.” More specifically, he told police that Fannell was getting out of control and he wanted her out of the house because he couldn’t adequately take care of her. He then got hostile on the phone and handed it off to the elderly woman.

She told police she did not feel safe with Cardana and thought she was in danger from him. She added that there were multiple guns inside the house that Cardana threatened her with. She didn’t, however, reveal where they were located.

Fannell also told police that Cardana had been drinking and provided false information to the dispatcher. She believed he was listening in on the conversation from a different phone in the house. The dispatcher noted that they could in fact hear Cardana on the phone while speaking to Fannell.

Dispatch also received a call from a New Mexico Adult Protective Services representative who claimed they perform welfare checks at the residence and provided police with a correct address.

Officers were sent to the residence to check on Fannell and Cardana that morning.

According to the report, hospice came to the house at least three times a week for Fannell, and adult protective services was contacted by Cardana to have her removed from his care. Fannell refused to leave the property because she had personal possessions and property there. She also had dogs living with her.

EMS also arrived to take her to a hospital but claimed there were no medical reasons to move her and therefore there was nothing they could do to help.

Later in the day, at approximately 12:30 p.m., dispatch was contacted again and could hear a man and a woman screaming at each other. One of them said that someone had been killed.

The line then disconnected. Dispatch called back, and someone on the line requested emergency response with “lights and sirens.” They said they had seen a dead woman on the bed near the entrance. They said that Cardana was bleeding as well. The phone was passed to the caller’s wife, who stayed on the line until officers arrived.

When officers arrived, they saw that the front door was open and a few of Fannell’s friends were in the driveway. Cardana was in the front entry, where police detained him. Cardana had blood on him as well as a bloody nose.

While clearing the house, officers found Fannell on the bed with a gunshot wound to the head. A silver revolver with a black grip was found under her leg. Cardana was heard saying, “She wanted me to do it. That’s what she wanted.”

Detectives spoke with Fannell’s friends, who said they were bringing food to Fannell and Cardana. When they called Cardana ahead of time, he sounded distressed. When they arrived, Cardana told them he did it and they should call someone.

“Call the police. I killed her,” he said.

Cardana was sent to a hospital and detained for medical evaluation. He was charged with first-degree murder and faces life imprisonment without parole if convicted.