Jordan Lujan was hit by a car and died Nov. 27 while walking on Paseo del Volcan.

Nearly three months after the incident and a request for the traffic report was filed, details of what happened have been released, concluding that the death was caused by pedestrian error as Lujan was heavily intoxicated.

Officers investigating the scene of the accident found several broken bits of a vehicle on the road near the body.  Officers report they also saw several blood stains that appeared to be fresh. Officers also found a tooth near the body.

Lujan was found in the eastbound lane, covered by a white sheet provided by EMS. Passersby had previously covered him with a black space blanket.

The vehicle involved was parked off to the side, and the driver and passengers didn’t have any injuries that required attention. The driver told them that she was leaving her nearby property and stopped at the red light at Broadmoor and PdV. When the light turned green, she proceeded east but saw someone lying in the roadway. She explained she tried to avoid hitting him but the traffic in the oncoming lane prevented her from doing so. She said she was traveling about 30-40 mph and called 911 after the collision.

The medical examiner pronounced time of death at 1:05 a.m.

One officer noted he had dealt with Lujan earlier in the evening, stating that Lujan had been jumping in front of cars on Broadmoor, not far from the crash location. Dispatch received several calls reporting he was standing in the roadway, stopping traffic and was attempting to open vehicle doors.

A witness confirmed that Lujan was jumping in front of cars. She said at one point a car swerved into the ditch to avoid hitting him. She said he did the same to her and tried to open her driver’s side door and that he was yelling, “Take me home!”

The officer said they saw an intoxicated Lujan fall to the ground. He had concerns for Lujan’s safety so he placed him in protective custody and transported him to Sandoval Regional Medical Center.

Hospital staff said Lujan was admitted but left the hospital of his own accord without being discharged. Hospital surveillance footage confirmed that Lujan was admitted to the hospital. He was escorted by officers and was released from protective custody. The video shows him being placed in a hospital chair, where he leans down and closes his eyes. Lujan then gets up and walks out the ambulance entrance/exit doors. The outside cameras show him wandering around and returning to the emergency room lobby. Then he stops and goes back outside, walking toward PdV. There is no footage of the accident itself.

Officers said in the report that Lujan could have been hit by a separate vehicle before the woman did . Regardless of the theory, they noted, Lujan shouldn’t have been in the roadway. They also found that speed did not to appear to be a factor in his death.

The toxicology report for Lujan came back Feb. 6 and shows Lujan’s blood alcohol was 0.364, high enough to cause and person to stop breathing. The legal limit is 0.08. They also found 364 mg/dL of ethanol ,which can cause can cause unconsciousness, delirium and death. The reporting limit for ethanol is 10 mg/dL.

It is also indicated in the report that Lujan had been detained for DWI/DUI charges before.

Officers have not yet received an autopsy report or physical exam.