I have a theory and I defy any reader to disprove it.

The Democratic Party, at both the national and local level, is controlled by Marxist-Leninist ideology. Jerry Apodaca, when he endorsed Steve Pearce in the last gubernatorial race, hinted at this.

Both Bernie Sanders and Bill DiBlasio, who are running on the Democrat ticket, are admitted devotees of Marx. They use the term socialist, but Lenin stated that socialism is only the first stage of communism.

At least they have had the gumption to claim to be true believers.

Let us look at the “gang of 24” who seek to be president. The majority of them are demanding total government control of health care (Medicare for all), the control of speech (hate speech) and ownership of firearms; the redistribution of income via taxation (one of Lenin’s suggested ways to destroy the middle class); the continued slaughter of infants at federal expense (even Biden recanted his support for the Hyde Amendment); and unregulated borders.

They have declared war on the Founding Fathers as white, racist males and wish to remove all references to them from the public sphere. Since this renders the Constitution as an invalid document (because these misogynistic, racist, old men wrote it), there is no problem destroying the First, Second, Fourth and Tenth amendments, and leftist judges can make any law they wish.

Lenin, Mao, Castro, et.al., resorted to violent revolution to bring about their communist dystopias in the past. In the societies in which they lived, this was probably the only way to take control.

But in a free society, it is quite easy to use freedom to suppress freedom. Gaining ideological control of a major political party, winning enough elections and placing fellow travelers in positions to change the system is surefire victory.

Sol Alinsky, Obama’s inspiration, understood this. The Obama Administration included both the admitted Marxist, Van Jones, and the Mao admirer, Anita Dunn, who now is part of Biden’s campaign.

In the 1960s, Herbert Marcuse, the German Marxist, gave a blueprint for destroying the American system. He advocated the use of Hispanic immigrants, social activists, and students, all easily manipulated, to create a welfare system at all levels and overload said system.

They would also make up a huge voting bloc — Democrat for sure — to control elections.

No wonder Beto O’Rourke wants to have as many illegals as he can get! Illegal immigration creates an immediate and necessary need for such a welfare system and creates that very bloc.

To list all examples would require an encyclopedia. The elections over the next four years will determine whether we remain a free nation where individual responsibility and hard work are still the measure of a person, or whether we have a quasi-police state with control of speech, gun rights and state’s rights.


Steve E. Stevens

Rio Ranch