I read with dismay the letter written by Mr. Stevens (in the Sept. 1 Observer).

It troubled me that we seem to have reached a point where many of us no longer seem to be able to speak the same language. It would seem that some, like Mr. Stevens, view all Democrats as socialists or communists.

Some believe that viewing the need to find a reasonable way to address gun violence is somehow going to result in the destruction of America. How does exploring ways to treat those seeking to immigrate to our great country in a humane fashion signify a desire to destroy our foundations?

I share Mr. Steven’s view that the next four years may well be critical to our great experiment in Democracy. If we do not learn to talk civilly to each other and seek out common ground, we may end up wasting our achievements.

This would be catastrophic not only for America, but also for the entire planet. Our founding fathers expected much more from us.

Jefty Prather

Rio Rancho