Deluxe Design is ready to be another notable player to help spark future economic growth in Rio Rancho.

The screen printing company plans to more than double its staff by adding another 30 employees, for a total of 54, within the next five years using Local Economic Development Act funding. Deluxe Design aims to relocate to the Enchanted Hills neighborhood by September 1.

Rio Rancho screen printing company Deluxe Design, which’ll relocate to Enchanted Hills by September, plans to add another 30 employees within the next five years. (Matt Hollinshead/Observer)

“It is about continued growth as our client base expands,” said Norman Ruth, vice president of Deluxe Design.

Deluxe Design’s wants to fill positions like customer service representatives, graphic designers and production workers, along with sales and marketing personnel. But there may be a chance to offer more than just employment.

When it comes to the designer vacancies, Ruth said Deluxe Design is also open to the idea of working with CNM and Rio Rancho Public Schools’ Career Technical Education department to incorporate future graphic design training opportunities for students.

“We’re anxious to find out more about that (CTE) program, just look for individuals that are looking for careers in graphic design,” he said.

The company will resume operations in what used to be J & R Vintage Auto Museum.

According to a press release, Deluxe Design received $400,000 in LEDA funding — $250,000 from the New Mexico Economic Development Department $75,000 from the City of Rio Rancho and $75,000 from Sandoval County — and invested $5 million in the expansion. The new site will be roughly 24,000 square feet, double the size of the prior store.

Ruth said the new building will help accommodate Deluxe Design workers workflow processes and avoiding overcrowding inside the facility, adding the expansion is designed to help propel his company into the future “fairly significantly.”

“Not only do we have the space that we’re currently finishing out in the building, we (also) have additional space for future growth here,” Ruth said. “Our company’s employed many people over the years who have made it their career and retired with us.”