According to affidavit of arrest warrants issued by police to the Sandoval County Magistrate Court, Angelita Chacon, Patricia Hurtado and Luz Scott of Rio Rancho were arrested on May 16 for the abuse of a client which resulted in death on Feb. 27.

Details from FBI and border officers revealed the injuries to Mary Melero, 38, were sustained from neglect and abuse from Chacon and Hurtado.

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Now, the case has reached the Sandoval County 13th Judicial District Court in Bernalillo for consideration.

According to court dockets for both Chacon and Hurtado, the district court will hear their pleas at their arraignments on June 15 and 26.

Their pleas will determine if the case goes to trial or not.

Additionally, Chacon and Hurtado were not ruled to be detained pre-trial.

Scott who only faces false imprisonment charges was not detained pre-trial either. There is not any indication of when Scott will be heard by the court yet.

The Observer will provide information on this case as it becomes available.