My wife and I have been working with Larry Miller Hyundai on the West Side for nine years. We purchased two cars and were looking at purchasing our third. My wife dropped off the car the other day for an oil change and instead of receiving good service, she received abuse from every man working in the service department.

She tried to find a manager, but one was not there. I had to come drive the car home because she was so upset, she could not go back into the service department.

Background: When she got to the service department, no one was there. Employees were there but there were no customers. All of them ignored her. When she asked for help in regard to her appointment, they waved her into the garage without making any eye contact or conversation.

It appears they are short on customer service skills.

After emotionally and mentally abusing my wife in the service department for 10 minutes, they decided they didn’t like her attitude and told her they would not change her oil.

Needless to say, Larry Miller corporate, Hyundai corporate and Yelp have all received our reviews.

I suggest If you are a woman, either don’t go to Larry Miller Hyundai on the West Side or take a man with you. Apparently, women aren’t safe on the property.

Based on the abuse she received, we may seek legal counsel as the entire incident has exacerbated her symptoms of PTSD. My wife is an assault survivor.

Larry Miller Hyundai needs to be held accountable for their unprofessional behavior and their abuse of an elderly woman. I’m wondering if Larry Miller Hyundai understands abuse of an elderly person is a crime.

David Bartley

Rio Rancho