David Marler, who moved to Rio Rancho in February 2012, has arguably the largest collection of UFO-related materials in the country, and his collection is growing by the week.

He’s among the featured speakers at UFO events in Denver and Roswell, at the Roswell annual UFO event this year July 1-3.

His collection will eventually wind up at the University of New Mexico for future UFOlogists to use for research.

“I’m a researcher first,” Marler says.

He easily recites details from UFO events ranging back as early as 1942 – “The Battle of L.A.” – and Roswell’s famous 1947 incident, to more recent occurrences.

This gallery shows part of his massive collection, which he hopes will be displayed in a Rio Rancho building that can accommodate it better than his over-run office and soon-to-be over-run garage, which may force him to park one of his vehicles on the driveway instead of being sheltered.

See more about Marler at his website, davidmarlerufo.com.

You’ll see on his site that he proclaims, “Let me be clear, I have a successful full-time career and I do not need UFOs for financial survival. I do this because I truly feel there appears to be a phenomenon or phenomena that deserves greater objective scrutiny.”


Photos by Observer staff writer Gary Herron.