Owner Adrian Garcia holds a Hulk Beast Blender, a signature protein drink at Muscle Blenderz. (Daniel Zuniga/for the Observer



After a few trips down sweet street, it was time to try something nutritious.

Luckily, you wonderful people pointed me in the direction of Muscle Blenderz which is a smoothie and supplement shop in Rio Rancho.

Daniel Zuniga

Owner Adrian Garcia whips up some amazing smoothies and protein shakes including the Tropical Island Blender, the Banana Nut Blender, and many more.

High protein drinks, pre-workout drinks, recovery focused drinks, he has it all.

I was immediately drawn to one of their more popular drinks, the Hulk Beast Blender.

“The Hulk Beast Blender has 42 grams of protein, it’s made with spinach, banana, almond milk, all-natural almond butter, some dates and cinnamon,” Garcia said.

When I saw the Hulk Beast Blender, it was 32 ounces of mean green. It looked like quite the protein shake, and I was ready to gulp it down for the gains.

I will confess, I thought at its best, it was going to taste like a protein shake. Nothing against protein shakes, but they do not even compare to an actual, calorie-filled dessert.

When I have a protein shake, I want protein and great macronutrients. I don’t expect much in the taste realm. When I eat cheesecake or ice cream, my priority is taste, not health or how many grams of protein it has.

With that being said, drinking the Hulk Beast Blender was like drinking a Biscochito milkshake. I did not think it was possible. A protein drink with exceptional taste.

I’m 100-percent serious. It was so good.

Blended well, no chunks, cold, and the taste was amazing. You would have never guessed that this was a protein drink, and it filled you.

The cinnamon was nice, and gave off strong cookie vibes. The sweetness of the dates, and almond butter were major highlights.

During some moments, I forgot that I was drinking a protein shake, and was convinced that I was tasting pistachio ice cream.

I had never heard of Muscle Blenderz before, but I will certainly be stopping by more often.

Muscle Blenderz sells supplements, healthy snacks, protein bars, prepped meals with macros listed, and, of course, killer smoothies and protein shakes.

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