Daniel Zuniga

My favorite food in this entire world is pizza.

Some employees at Intel informed me that the best place in Rio Rancho to grab a slice is at Aldo’s Pizzeria.

So, I hopped in my car and headed down to the local pizza joint.

Besides pizza, Aldo’s serves sandwiches, dessert and pasta.

From the second I walked in, I loved the New York decor. The staff was super nice, and they even had a TV playing old-school cartoons.

A couple of people ordered before me, and one of them ordered three 24-inch pizzas! That’s a lot of pizza.

I wanted to order a pineapple slice, but I did not want to be controversial (even though pineapple definitely belongs on pizza).

In fact, I encourage you all to try green chile and pineapple pizza. It’s sweet and hot. It’s amazing.

I ordered a slice of cheese pizza, and it was a huge New York-style slice.

A slice of cheese pizza from Aldo’s Pizzeria. Daniel Zuniga photo.

The slice had well-balanced ingredients, a great crunch and fluffy yet thin crust. The sauce was tangy and awesome.

It was a great slice, and at a pretty fair price, I might add.

Also, they had oregano! You would be surprised how many pizza places do not have oregano.

This is the perfect place to grab a slice and soda, and hang out with a couple friends for a few hours.

I would love to hear about your favorite pizza combinations.

Where should I go next? Email me: [email protected].