Dagmar’s Delectables re-opened its doors Wednesday for the first time since owner Dagmar Schulze, known to everyone just as Dagmar, unexpectedly died Feb. 25.

The popular store was known for serving up authentic German food and tasty baked goods. It now has a new owner and a slightly new name but will still offer all of Dagmar’s classic recipes at the same location at 2704 Southern Blvd.

Michael Almanzar, a longtime friend of Dagmar, now owns the store, which is called Dagmar’s Specialties. It is open from 8:30 a.m. to 3 p.m. Wednesday through Saturday.

Almanzar is from Berlin and is known as Dagmar’s brother.

“Dagmar has a brother? I think I would know about that,” Dagmar’s mother, Ingeborg Marshall said.

Almanzar says he took over Dagmar’s to help keep his friend’s legacy alive.

“I’m going to keep it the way she wanted it,” Almanzar said. “People loved her. I want to let people know that this place is back and it’s a way to honor her memory.”

Almanzar was able to bring back the staff that was employed in February as another way to keep it Dagmar’s way, which helped build a loyal customer base.

“It’s awesome to be back. It’s good to see,” Joe Cowling said while waiting for lunch. “It’s great food, great community. It’s nice being able to get German food again.”