New Mexico continues to see COVID-19 cases plummet, as seen over the last couple weeks.

Despite adding 4,688 combined cases over the last three days, which the New Mexico Department of Health announced Monday, that still represents a downward trend.

The previous three weekend case numbers were roughly 21,200 Jan. 14-18, roughly 14,700 Jan. 22-24 and roughly 9,500 Jan. 29-31.

New Mexico’s weekly COVID-19 case numbers have dropped significantly since around Martin Luther King Jr. Day, when the state recorded nearly 39,000 cases between Jan. 18 and Jan. 21.

After roughly 32,600 cases were recorded between Jan. 24 and Jan. 28, just over 19,000 cases were added between Jan. 31 and Feb. 4.

Sandoval County reported 313 COVID-19 cases spanning Feb. 5-7.

The state also reported another 20 COVID-related deaths during that time frame, including three Sandoval County residents.

There are currently 565 New Mexicans statewide hospitalized with COVID-19.