On a recent trip to Lowe’s and Albertsons for “essentials” shopping, I was astonished by the lack of consideration shoppers have for their fellow citizens.

Several people were not wearing masks, not social distancing and seemed oblivious to seriousness of the pandemic. When I see both parents bringing their four children out for a shopping trip while not wearing masks, I think how awful these parents must be.

Exposing themselves and their children unnecessarily to the risks of COVID-19 boggles the mind. Selfish? Yes. Inconsiderate? Yes. Stupid? Absolutely.

Do your family and fellow citizens a favor and cover up with a mask, and leave one parent and the kids home, where it’s much safer. Think!

Your lives and those you come in contact with depend on it. If you can’t do this, then just stay home.

And finally, if you still believe this is a Democrat hoax, speak with the families of the more than 80,000 who’ve died from COVID-19. They’ll beg to differ

William Rehm

Rio Rancho resident since 2005