BERNALILLO — Akins Manufacturing is ready to help spark job growth in and around Algodones.

The Sandoval County Commission unanimously approved an ordinance Wednesday to invest $800,000 in Local Economic Development Act (LEDA) money in Akins Manufacturing’s plans to relocate in Algodones.

“It’s magnificent,” Shawn Akins, president of Akins Manufacturing, told the Observer. “It’s a beautiful piece of property. It’s right off the freeway, and we love Algodones.”

Akins also said it’ll be an easier commute to and from his North Valley home, just 15 minutes on NM 313. The current facility’s located further south in Albuquerque near I-25 and Comanche Road, and it’s too small to accommodate the company’s growth.

Akins does steel fabrication and detailing for a variety of industries.

Sandoval County Commission OK’d $800,000 in LEDA funding to go toward Akins Manufacturing in its relocation to Algodones. This image shows the planned facility. (Courtesy rendering)

The plan calls for the building to be about 18,500 square feet. The LEDA funds would help create 40 new, permanent full-time jobs over five years and retain another 40 jobs over 10 years.

The county will serve as the fiscal agent for the funds. An amount of $200,000 will remain as a loan and repayable to the county to replenish the LEDA fund, according to a county news release.

“It’s going to be wonderful for the potential of employment. And I love that their annual salaries are so significantly higher than the existing salaries in the area,” District 1 Commissioner Katherine Bruch told the Observer.

New jobs would include metal detailers and designers with an average salary of $60,000 ($28.25 per hour). Other new positions would be fabricators and welders, with an average salary of $42,000 ($20 per hour).

“Economically, it’s going to have a major impact on that community and in Sandoval County. Algodones is not a real big community, but it’ll trickle into the Bernalillo area,” District 5 Commissioner F. Kenneth Eichwald told the Observer.

Eichwald also said Akins Manufacturing’s presence could develop into an educational tool collaborating with Bernalillo High School, Cleveland High School, CNM and other area schools, which could result in things like certified welding programs.

Akins told the Observer that Akins Manufacturing’s looking for additional welders, as well as roles like machinists, project managers and steel detailers.

“My intention is to grow my business as much as possible,” he said, adding there’ll be more technology added to his company’s manufacturing process.

Akins also told the Observer the goal is for the Algodones facility to be fully operational as early as late summer and no later than the end of the year.

He also said operating out of Algodones can help spark further economic development, such as restaurants wanting to set up shop in that part of the county.