BERNALILLO — County roads paved their way into the conversation at the Sandoval County Commission meeting Thursday at the Sandoval County Administration Building.

Public Works Director Mark Hatzenbuhler presented estimated costs to repair 15 roads and bridges throughout the county.

Those roads include:

• Abrevadero Road,

• Camino del Composanto,

• Paseo de San Antonio Road,

• Tierra Madre Road,

• San Luis Road,

• Torreon Road,

• Camino de las Piedras,

• San Miguel Road,

• Santa Ana Loop,

• Elk Trail,

• Cubita Road Bridge,

• County Road 11- Bridge 1784,

• CR 11-Bridge 1786,

• CR 11-Bridge 1787 and

• CR 11-CBC Replacement- US 550 Junction.

Courtesy of Sandoval County

Projects’ combined cost is over $7 million.

The county obtains funding through the state’s Cooperative Program and shares costs with the New Mexico Department of Transportation.

The county will present this approved list of projects to the department to learn how much funding NMDOT can provide.

Whatever funding the state awards, the county will match 25 percent of that amount with its own funds, said county spokesman Stephen Montoya.

The county will learn how much money is available in the fall.

Abrevadero Road is the only road planned to be fully reconstructed.

Tierra Madre estimated costs are about $42,000.

“I know the condition of all of that road; we are going to just have people going crazy wondering, ‘When are you going to do the rest of it?'” said Commissioner Katherine Bruch. “I think that is one of the things on my agenda is how to address the bigger picture here. And where our big picture is, we have roads across the county that are in serious disrepair.”

Commissioners unanimously approved the County Road Improvement Program for 2020-21.

“My district is a huge part of those roads, and I want to do everything I can to help my constituents have safe roads to drive to and from work, and school and the grocery store,” Bruch said.

The next commission meeting will be March 19 at 6 p.m. at the Sandoval County Administration Building.