The Rio Rancho Governing Body voted to appoint Nicole List to fill the District 6 Councilor spot until the next municipal election in March 2024 during its Aug. 10 meeting.

“I want council to know I spent a minimum of six hours with Miss List and over 20 hours in interviews collectively with each candidate,” Mayor Gregg Hull said.

There were four people eligible for the position, but ultimately Hull landed on List.

List is currently doing social work for V. Sue Cleveland High School and helps students with special needs, among other things. She is also a dance instructor at the school.

Part of her work is attending Individual Education Plan (IEP) meetings, which helps kids who need special support because they have a defined learning disability.

This was a key aspect that Rio Rancho resident Casey Robinson found to be a great quality for a council member.

“I, myself, have succeeded in life after having an IEP at a time where IEPs were a new thing. These are people I want to see in my government. My government should look like me. And this looks like me,” Robinson said.

He added that city government shouldn’t be just people who have worked in development, businesses and real estate.

“We need everybody to be represented up on that council,” Robinson said.

Councilor Jim Owen also commended the appointment.

“We have several people here that accepted into this and then became full time. It turned out that people do a very good job, and I am certain that we will see the same thing in Miss List,” he said.

While those who spoke about the appointment were upbeat about it, the votes from councilors suggested otherwise.

Councilors Bob Tyler and Paul Wymer voted no, but List was appointed as everyone else voted yes.

List was grateful for the vote.

“It’s really an honor and humbling. I appreciate it. I look forward to working alongside you as well as serving the community we live in,” she said.

District 6 of Rio Rancho is encompassed by Idalia Road, Fruta Road, Broadmoor Drive and the Rio Grande river.