There’s still time to vote in the Corrales pet mayor election, with “polls” closing at 5 p.m. Sunday, Oct. 1

Incumbent Peanut is on the ballot again and is facing five challengers. Voting is $1 per vote, with voters eligible to vote as many times as they want. Online voting is a minimum of $2 per vote.

The election is part of the Corrales Harvest Festival, which runs Saturday and Sunday, Sept. 30 and Oct. 1. In-person voting locations are Village Mercantile, Ex Novo Brewing Co., Frontier Market, Acequia Animal Hospital, Perea’s Tijuana Bar and Restaurant and Village Pizza. Online votes can be cast at

The winner will be announced prior to the pet parade Sunday, Oct. 1, and will be posted online.

All proceeds benefit the Corrales Animal Services.

Meet the candidates


Breed and age: Dwarf Nigerian goat. Born April 18, 2018 (age 5)

Campaign slogan: “No ifs ands or butts! Wendell for the win!”

Campaign pitch: “Wendell’s got the can-do attitude we all need in the pet mayor’s office. And there will be no bleating around the bush during his administration. With Wendell, the buck stops here. He’ll weed out the ‘baaad’ apples and continue to promote a healthy and nurturing environment for our kids. When it comes to pet mayors of our village, this goat will be the G.O.A.T.”

Notable accomplishment: “I once ate an entire lilac bush in a single sitting.”


Breed and age: 41.7% chihuahua, 9% beagle, 6.7% Jack Russell-type “terror,” 6.2% Australian cattle dog, 4.3% miniature pinscher and 18.6% super mutt

Campaign slogan: “Go nuts; re-elect Peanut. Keep the village in Peanut butter!”

Notable accomplishment: Peanut attends all parades, social events and promotes playing ball.


Breed and age: 8-month-old alpaca

Campaign slogan: “For ad rootin’ tootin’ mayor, vote for Fozzie!”

Notable accomplishment: “I was born prematurely on Jan. 19th. It was cold, and I couldn’t nurse from my mommy. My humans let me live and the house and bottle fed me until I was able to eat solid food. Now, I’m a happy, almost grown-up alpaca.”



Breed and age: Rare New Mexican unicorn, 5 years old

Campaign slogan: “Keep the magic of Corrales alive”

Campaign pitch: “A brighter future for Corrales! Vote for Smokey, the village unicorn!”

Notable accomplishment: Village unicorn for the past 20 years.


Breed and age: Guinea pig, 2 years old

Campaign slogan: ” Vote George and his curiosity will lead a new age!”

Notable accomplishment: He is a model and can brighten anyone’s day.


Breed and age: Aussie/Catahoula/red heeler

Campaign slogan: “Bringing more fun and adventures to Corrales!”

Notable accomplishment: “My ability to relate to people and see the fun in life.”

Photos and campaign information from Additional profile information from the Albuquerque Journal.