Newly elected or re-elected Village of Corrales officials took oaths of office Thursday evening in the village council chamber. Outgoing mayor JoAnne Roake asked the new officials’ friends and family to continue supporting them as they “take up the mantle of serving our community.” Dr. James F. Fahey Jr. was elected mayor March 1; Mel Knight was re-elected as village councilor; and John P. Alsobrook II and Rick Miera were newly elected as village councilors.

13th Judicial District Judge Jim Noel, left, administers the oath of office to new Corrales Mayor Dr. James F. Fahey Jr. (Argen Marie Duncan / Observer)

From left, 13th Judicial District Judge Jim Noel signs the forms for the oaths of office he administered, as Village Councilors John P. Alsobrook II, Mel Knight and Rick Miera sign their oaths. Knight was re-elected March 1, and Alsobrook and Miera were newly elected. (Argen Marie Duncan / Observer)