Corrales Village Mayor JoAnne Roake released her wish list for 2020 in her weekly Mayor’s Message last week.

JoAnne Roake, Corrales mayor

Chief among her goals for the Village of Corrales are infrastructure improvements.

This year marked the completion of the decade-old Meadowlark Road drainage and paving project, and next year, Roake said, she looks forward to working on the trail system adjacent to the road.

In addition, she would like to move forward on a possible plan to take over control of Corrales Road from the state Department of Transportation. The village has rejected this idea in the past.

“Our current conditions and positive experience with Public Works maintaining Loma Larga suggests we look at the idea again,” she said. “If we take back the road, DOT has said it will redo it completely and give us a long-term maintenance agreement. DOT also says it would increase our eligibility for more monies.

“It would mean less state regulation, allow more flexibility in adjacent pathways and give us the ability to set our own speed limits.”

Other infrastructure improvements on the mayor’s agenda include a new space for the Planning and Zoning Department, a repaving of the village’s administrative parking area, finishing work on the Salce Basin drainage project and road improvements throughout the village.

On a related subject, Roake is considering a fee-for-service program for citizens. This would include maintenance work for residents who live on private roads or have private wastewater hook-ups.

“And the coolest new thing? We expect three electric car-charging stations to be installed here in Corrales,” she added.

On her list of accomplishments for 2019, the mayor cited a number of important projects, including a new village website.

“This year we will be uploading administrative data, first in finance and then elsewhere to make village operations smoother and easier for employee and citizen alike,” she said.

Other projects included an expansion of the fire suppression system, improvements to Loma Larga, new roofs on the Old San Ysidro Church and Courthouse, plus a major remodel and relocation of the Public Works Department facilities. The Corrales Fire Department also completed a new kitchen and gym.

Roake also added her New Year’s resolution: “I pledge to continue my education as a municipal official (last year I became a Certified Municipal Official). I’ll seek further education and training through Mid-Region Council of Governments and the Municipal League.

“I pledge to create even stronger ties with elected officials, local, state and federal agencies. We hope to build a stronger relationship with Sandia Pueblo, which could lead to better stewardship of the bosque and the river that not only separates us, but also binds us together.

“Finally, I pledge to continue to work on behalf of all of you, the citizens of Corrales.”