Corrales-based filmmaker Bob Belinoff created the short film, “Almost a Masterpiece.” (Courtesy of Bob Belinoff)


Bob Belinoff wanted to create a project that is meaningful and has purpose.

At 76, the Corrales resident decided to put together a short film called, “Almost a Masterpiece.”

The film was part of the Albuquerque Film and Music Experience which wrapped up a week ago.

“It’s great to have the film being seen,” Belinoff says. “It’s being honored and I appreciate.”

Belinoff is five years and nine films into his post-career career as a maker of short art, documentary and fantasy films.

His nine-minute, mostly silent movie, “Almost a Masterpiece” is also selected to screen at the Venice Film Festival in Los Angeles.

The whimsical nine-minute film follows the trials of an aging filmmaker as he swings for the fences in his final film – he can see it, he can feel it, he can almost taste it – but can he make it?

After working with others for years in the advertising and communication business in New Mexico and California – Belinoff decided to work completely on his own and mostly in his Corrales backyard.

BelinoffThough hardly a digital native, he taught himself enough to wear all the hats in his one-man productions. He is writer, director, editor, producer and on-screen star of most of his films. His crew is a tripod. Sound is a specialty he has never mastered, so there is none, save for lighthearted classical music.

“At a certain age, the end becomes visible somewhere and I wanted to make something about finding meaning and purpose,” he says. “I didn’t want to be serious and I wanted it to be lighthearted. I wanted to deal with the issue.”