A Corrales brew is the official beer of the New Mexico State Fair this year.

Ex Novo, a brewing company location in Corrales, alongside a state fair manager, announced Aug. 9 that its Dusty Spur would be the official state fair beer.

“We are one of the only fairs in the country that partners with the local breweries to represent this industry the way it should be represented. James and Joel have produced something that is extraordinary,” New Mexico State Fair General Manager Dan Mourning said.

Ex Novo brewed a special batch that will be available at the state fair but will also be released in some stores as a sneak peak before the fair takes place. It is an American pilsner, or pale lager beer, which is described as clean and refreshing by Ex Novo co-owners and brewers Joel and James Gregory.

The pilsner was made with crisp, German-noble hops; domestic American rice and corn; and North American barley. It is described as having exceptional clarity and being light and crisp with a refreshingly clean finish.

“We took our time with it. It’s something you want to be drinking outside. It is perfect for state fair weather,” Joel said.

“The perfect beer while you’re enjoying your time at the state fair or hanging out in the Corral at Ex Novo Brewing Company,” the website reads.

The website states it has tastes of sunshine and summer days with light, crisp and snappy aromas.

James added later that it pairs well with a green chili cheese burger or a “nice big turkey leg.”

The Gregorys grew up in Corrales and have had four generations there. Ex Novo Brewing opened its doors in the Eliot neighborhood of Portland, Oregon, in 2014. Their mission was to brew great beer and to use the business as a platform for good in the community and across the globe.

“Our mission has always been to donate 100% of net profits to organizations building a better world,” the website reads.

They later expanded to three locations: Portland and Beaverton, Oregon, and Corrales.

“Additionally, we have been able to donate almost $100,000 back to our community, charities, and global efforts so far, and thank you for your support in these efforts,” it says.

The Gregorys hope to run out of the beer at the fair and do not plan to sell it after the fair. It will be available at Total Wine as well as all other Premier Distribution locations.