May 24

Police responded at 9:30 p.m. to Siphon gate where a female kayaking on the Rio Grande River fell off. The female was stuck in the middle of the river hanging onto a branch. Officers walked down to the river’s edge and in the distance were able to see a light in the water south of their location. Officers waited for Corrales Fire Department to arrive and directed them to the area where they could see the light. Corrales Fire Department was able to rescue the female, who had a life jacket on. The female was treated with no apparent injuries.

May 25

A Corrales resident reported he had received a letter from the New Mexico Department of Workforce on May 4, 2023. The letter referred to a claim made by him for unemployment asking for further identification. He further stated he had never made such a claim and that he is currently employed. He has no knowledge of how his personal identity was obtained and used. A report was made by the officer for Workforce solutions.

May 27

A Corrales Police officer was flagged down on Applewood just before Corrales Road.  The male stated he found a wallet on the road just before the ditch bank on Applewood.  The wallet contained a New Mexico provisional license to Lucia Bella Rodriguez, Visa debit card, a Presbyterian medical card, two photos of a young boy and three quarters. It remains at the police station for the owner to pick up.