What’s next from Waste Management for the citizens of Rio Rancho?

It seems that “WM” has decided to reduce recycling picks by roughly 50 percent, to every other week rather than the existing weekly pickup. This comes after city management negotiated a new contract with WM that enabled the company to raise rates just shy of 20 percent and further enabled future increases in perpetuity.

But then, WM said they would pay the city $50,000 for street repairs. Gee, I wonder who is actually ponying up the $50,000!

Of course, all of this expert negotiating came on the heels of Waste Management’s CEO announcing that the Trump corporate tax cuts would save the corporation some $275 million!

Substantial rate increase with an open door to continue the same and a significant reduction in service levels: Do I sense corporate greed at work?

Richard Letzkus

Rio Rancho