Olive Tree Compounding Pharmacy wants to expand from its current location at 1920 Westside Blvd. (Gregory Hasman/Observer)



Olive Tree Compounding Pharmacy may start work on a new building in the next several weeks. 

The company, which operates at 1920 Westside Blvd., Suite B, is looking to build a new complex at 1713 Wellspring Ave. that would allow it to expand its services and create space for prospective tenants.

Olive Tree employs three full-time technicians, an intern and one part-time pharmacist. It is a specialty pharmacy that creates non-sterile customized medications for people and animals. 

Hopefully, construction will begin in about four to six weeks once the building permit has been issued, Olive Tree owner Dr. Ndidiamaka Okpareke said. 

The project phases 

The Rio Rancho Planning and Zoning Board approved Olive Tree’s request for a variance to the 20-foot maximum front setback requirement at its May 10 meeting. 

The project encompasses two phases of construction: Phase one includes site work and the construction of the main building, which would be the new space for Olive Tree. Phase two encompasses the construction of a separate building that would be leased to prospective tenants. 

The site plan was previously approved by the Rio Rancho Governing Body on Dec. 9, 2021, and at that time it adhered to all setback requirements. 

The phased development plan, however, now places the site plan out of compliance with the front setback requirements.  

The zoning variance Okpareke and Mullen Heller Architecture sought was an exemption from the 20-foot maximum front setback requirement for phase one of the site plan. This allows for an initial front setback measuring 110 feet versus the allotted 38 feet, the 20-foot setback plus an additional 18 feet for a future right of way, according to a Planning and Zoning Board meeting packet. 

The second phase of the project would consist of constructing a 3,000 square-foot building for future tenants. 

“I am excited to offer this space for lease to one tenant or two tenants who are enthused about the growth that is happening in Rio Rancho and willing to provide excellent products and services to our community,” she said. 

Construction for this phase could begin a few months after Okpareke finds a tenant(s), Mullen Heller Architecture co-founder Doug Heller told the Observer.