I may seem an unlikely fellow to write this letter to the editor.

You see, I own several firearms. All purchased through a licensed dealer for which a background check was required. Simple and hassle free.

So why all the fuss involving multiple county commissions and a sheriff’s promoted Second Amendment sanctuary shenanigan? Well, some light has been shed on this bizarre occurrence.

One would expect a law enforcement agency such as the New Mexico Sheriffs Association to support bills that would keep firearms out of the hands of potentially dangerous people and minors. But current NMSA President and Cibola County Sheriff Tony Mace opposed the measures.

The Brady Campaign thought this quite odd, so they filed public record requests via the New Mexico Inspection of Public Records Act. Documents totaling over 1,615 pages were obtained.

They revealed the National Rifle Association was actively involved in the NMSA’s efforts in drafting the declaration. They worked directly with Sheriff Mace, and he worked with sheriffs from other counties to promote the declaration across county lines.

One troubling email was sent by Sheriff Mace to state Sen. Clemente Sanchez.  It reads: “The sheriff is CEO of all the courts in his/her county and can easily strike down any court ruling or verdict as he sees fit if he deems it to be unconstitutional — that is, offensive or repugnant to the precepts of the Constitution.  He doesn’t answer to the state or the federal gov’t….  The sheriff has more power in his county than the president of the United States of America….  The constitutional sheriff and the posse will then attend to the straight lawful business of arresting each and every judge, prosecuting attorney, bar attorney and any police officer who has violated our right on charges of treason and conspiracy…” (Edited by the letter-writer for space.)

Does any reader not find this correspondence troubling? Why would members of our Sandoval County Commission team up with the NRA and a rogue sheriffs association?

We first had several years of residents living in fear of their sole water source being fracked, then the Americans for Prosperity (Koch brothers) promoted “Right to Work” ordinance. And now this.

County residents have an opportunity to be done with this nonsense in 2020. There is a candidate running against Jay Block, Leah Ahkee-Baczkiewics, and another against David Heil, Alexandria Piland.

They won’t have oil and gas, Americans for Prosperity or NRA money.  They will count on you to support them and a return to responsible county government.

Stephen Farkash

Rio Rancho