There is no issue more important than the climate emergency.

It’s not some future theory — it’s here, and we can see it in the increased droughts, wildfires and floods that are hurting our country. We’ve known for DECADES that our dependence on fossil fuels and outdated energy infrastructure threatened our well-being, but elected officials in Washington haven’t taken the action we need to start addressing the problem, with disastrous results. Until now.

Thanks to Joe Biden and the Democratic leaders in Congress, we’re finally taking climate funding seriously and making our first real investment in protecting our future. The Inflation Reduction Act marks a historic turning point. With billions for electrical infrastructure upgrades, clean energy capacity building, assistance for homeowners to make energy-smart home improvements like solar panels and heat pumps, and so much more, Democrats are doing the work to make sure our children have a livable planet to inhabit. And it hasn’t gone unnoticed that MAGA Republicans in Congress continue to do the bidding of their Big Oil donors and block progress.

I’m grateful to Joe Biden, Congresswoman Melanie Stansbury, and the progressives in Congress who continued to push for climate action, and all those who made the Inflation Reduction Act a reality. May it be a first step on our path towards a stronger, greener, more resilient America.


Terry Eisenbart